Living in Montaigu

After graduating college with an accounting degree, I became a CPA and went to work for one of the big four public accounting firms. After two years and a few months, I decided I was ready for a change. I was offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to live in France for a few months and experience a different culture before transitioning to a new job in the accounting/finance world. I am currently living with a family in a small town called Montaigu in the Pays de la Loire region of Western France. My main responsibility is to teach their two little girls English (and I am loving it thus far!)

Quick geography refresher

So, I’m sure you’re wondering how this opportunity came about… Well, my boyfriend’s sister, Erin, was the au pair for the same family last year. I met the family when they visited the United States earlier in the year and instantly bonded with the girls.  And that brings us to Montaigu…

Lucie, Louise & Twick

My new (temporary) home – Lucie, Louise & Twick

Streets of Montaigu

Historic buildings and architecture

Rustic & historic homes in the town

One of many bakeries

One of many bakeries within walking distance – The family has two favorite bakeries. This is the one we go to for sweets, cakes & pastries. The other bakery (less than 100 steps from the house – I’ll have to count next time) is where we go for bread.


Beautiful church behind the girls’ music school (tres jolie!)

And from another perspective...

And from another angle…


Lovely evening view near the castle

Well… I hope you enjoyed the pictures & my first blog post. There are definitely more posts on the way! I take A LOT of pictures and I always want to blog about EVERYTHING (it’s a little overwhelming!) So… Au revoir! See you soon! Bisous!


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