Updates from Montaigu

This is my Living in Montaigu blog series! Please see my very first blog post in the series to learn more. Check out another one of my favorite blog posts, Tour of the House, for some amazing photos.  Enjoy!

I haven’t posted in a while and thought I should share some updates (and pictures, of course). Lucie, Louise, Twick and I went for a nice long walk this past Sunday. Unlike my friends and family back home in DC,  we haven’t had any snow here in France. Luckily, it has been relatively warm here.








Let’s see… so what else do I do besides going on walks in Montaigu. Well, I asked for a bunch of yoga pants for Christmas so that I could go running here. I mainly run in the afternoons when the girls are at school and on the weekends (have to burn off those delicious macarons somehow!) I love exploring new parts of town, but of course I still enjoy my favorite places… the castle, the small cobble stone streets, and the goats in the park… they never get old.  For being a beginner runner, I think I’ve made a lot of progress. While I’m no Quest Brannock aka marathon runner, I aim for about 10-20 miles a week (with some walking obviously).

Speaking of Quest Brannock, he and Jacquelyn had their baby last week! Baby Lucas arrived on February 18th. Mom, Dad and baby are happy and healthy. I even met the little guy via skype! Here’s a picture of Lucas at 5 days old  (photo – courtesy of Mama Jacquelyn).  



Kyle made this for his nephew. Isn’t it amazing?

I’m getting a little side tracked here, but here’s what Kyle made for his parents for Christmas. It’s a picture of their house in Haymarket.


Okay, back to France…

I spend a lot of time playing with Louise, the younger one, and teaching her English. It’s very rewarding when she remembers the words and phrases that I teach her.  We love playing cards together. One of the first card games we played was “Go Fish” or “Aller Pecher.” We also play air hockey on my tablet!

Lucie, the older one, started middle school this year and takes the train to Nantes every day. She is a very busy girl! She spends a lot of time doing homework and practicing her cello.  I really enjoy helping her with her English homework and helping her study for her English exams. I also have the pleasure of going to school with Lucie every Thursday and helping out with two different English classes.

Every Saturday morning, we walk to the market down the street (basically a farmer’s market) for our fruit, vegetables and cheese… and if I’m lucky, fresh seafood and olives. We usually stop by the local butcher for a quick and easy rotisserie chicken to bring home for lunch or one of the bakeries to pick up some goodies.

As many of you know, I love to cook. I love cooking here especially in their huge open kitchen. I cook for the family about three times a week. They are obsessed with Asian food, so that is what they always request. Fine by me… I’ve been getting good practice!

Here is the Pad Thai that I made. I think I’ll be making this a lot back at home!


And another dish they often request… sauteed ginger beef, bamboo shoots and peppers.


Enough food for now. It’s almost dinner time and I’m starting to get hungry.

On another note, there are only 24 days until I meet Kyle in Paris! He and I will spend the weekend in Paris and then return to Montaigu for two days. After that, we’ll be visiting a lovely old town in the Bordeaux region called St. Emilion and staying there for a night (awesome Christmas present from Mr. and Mrs. Brannock – thank you!) We will then venture down into Spain and spend time in San Sebastian, the La Rioja Wine Region, Madrid and Toledo.

We will return to the United States on April 3rd (Thursday night) just in time for the baptism of baby Lucas and my cousin Christine’s wedding that Saturday. It will be a busy and exciting day!!

Much love from France. Bisous!


2 thoughts on “Updates from Montaigu

  1. Yay! So excited to hear about all of your adventures. I’m especially excited to hear all about your running success! Sounds like you have really gotten into a routine, I bet there are some wonderful scenic routes for your runs. Can’t wait to read more and happy to see you are enjoying your time there. Xoxo

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