These are a few of my favorite things…

I’ve only been home for a little over a week and I’m already reminiscing on everything I loved and enjoyed over the past three months in Montaigu

I will miss going to the market on Saturday mornings!

Going to the market on Saturday mornings.

Shopping at my favorite store Maisons Du Monde.. Very decently priced. They have these all over France.

Shopping at my favorite store, Maisons Du Monde. This French store has locations across Europe & is very reasonably priced.

More shopping. Wish I could buy everything.

More shopping. I wish I could buy everything.

Picking Louise up from school. I'll miss being greeted by a happy, smiling face and a kiss!

Picking Louise up from school. I will miss being greeted by kisses and a happy, smiling, bright-eyed face.

Playing "Travel Agency," Lucie's favorite game.

Playing “travel agency,” Lucie’s favorite game.


Grocery shopping at the SuperU.


Going for runs…  Running in the park, on the bike paths, across the bridge pictured above, alongside the river, and up and around to the castle. 


Cooking and experimenting. I loved learning how to make new things like my favorite Vietnamese spring rolls! …In France, they’re called Nems.

On that note… The food. Check out this brunch spread. (Don’t worry, we didn’t eat like this on a regular basis.)

The beautiful biblical statues everywhere you turn.


And more.


Tea time with Sophie and her friends.


Living in the heart and center of Montaigu and walking these streets.


Visiting Pierre the Butcher and asking him to “coupe” the beef.


This pretty little lady.


This cute little goof ball.


All the wonderful desserts.


Twick and the little goats.


Twick (again) …our sidekick.


And the many pictures of Twick throughout the house.




Maisons du Montaigu

This post is part of my Living in Montaigu blog series. I recently returned home to the U.S. and need to catch up on quite a few blog posts! I have so much to share: reflections on my amazing experience in Montaigu, photos from my adventures in France and Spain, and so much more.

But first, I wanted to count down my top 10 favorite houses in Montaigu.


10.  Wouldn’t you just love to enjoy your breakfast out on this patio overlooking the water?

9. Unique, simple and a bit modern.


8. The detail is incredible.


7. A beautiful French country farmhouse.


6. Simple, cozy and green.


5. I remember taking this picture on my second day in Montaigu. Oh, how time flies.


4. Cute & quaint.

3. This house is so cool, you’ll get to see it from two angles.


3. And it overlooks the river.

2. It’s purple… what more can I say.


1. And finally, “Les Roses”


Honorable Mention #1 – Technically these are apartments, but I love the modern design and the balconies with a view of the Theater across the street.

Honorable Mention #2 – A beautiful house that I can even call “home”…My favorite family lives here.