Maisons du Montaigu

This post is part of my Living in Montaigu blog series. I recently returned home to the U.S. and need to catch up on quite a few blog posts! I have so much to share: reflections on my amazing experience in Montaigu, photos from my adventures in France and Spain, and so much more.

But first, I wanted to count down my top 10 favorite houses in Montaigu.


10.  Wouldn’t you just love to enjoy your breakfast out on this patio overlooking the water?

9. Unique, simple and a bit modern.


8. The detail is incredible.


7. A beautiful French country farmhouse.


6. Simple, cozy and green.


5. I remember taking this picture on my second day in Montaigu. Oh, how time flies.


4. Cute & quaint.

3. This house is so cool, you’ll get to see it from two angles.


3. And it overlooks the river.

2. It’s purple… what more can I say.


1. And finally, “Les Roses”


Honorable Mention #1 – Technically these are apartments, but I love the modern design and the balconies with a view of the Theater across the street.

Honorable Mention #2 – A beautiful house that I can even call “home”…My favorite family lives here.


4 thoughts on “Maisons du Montaigu

  1. These are beautiful! I love the one that says “Les Roses”!

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